Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Science Busking for Science Week

Rita Tojeiro from ICG. 
As part of Science Week festitivites at Portsmouth, I helped with Science Busking in the main local shopping street (Commercial Road) last Wednesday.

It was written about in the local paper: "Scientists Busk It". Rita hates the picture they took (right), so I hope she'll forgive me for including it. I think she looks very nice, and it shows off the lovely electric motor she made for the event. Also in the linked article I want to point out that they got the science slightly wrong -- as the person in the comments correctly says, we were pumping air out of the wine bottle to make the marshmallows expand. My job was sticking the skewer into balloons, which I then gave out to kids.

The Portsmouth University Creative and Cultural Industries Department feaured the event in their weekly news bulletin, avalailable on Vimeo:

06. CCi Live_18-03-11 from CCi Live on Vimeo.

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  1. Coverage of the busking starts at about 4 minutes in.