Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Astronomers on Twitter (who happen to be women)

On Friday I was honoured to discover that Ken Hudson, who blogs at Share Astronomy included me in a list of women astronomers (who he follows on Twitter) that he thinks are excellent role models for girls (in his post "Girls Speak Out on Physics Education").

He was motivated to make the list after watching a video on teachers.tv in which girls at a school in London are interviewed (by young women working in Physics related fields) about what they think about physics: Physics Girls Speak Out (teachers.tv)

It's an excellent and interesting video, and I encourage anyone working with young women in science to watch it.  Ken's conclusion was that the girls needed more role models - hence his list of women astronomers.

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  1. Share Astronomy has been reorganized. The updated link to the post mentioned above is: http://shareastronomy.com/2011/03/25/girls-speak-out-on-physics-education/