Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pencast about BOSS Galaxies

I decided to play with the pencast again recently (and stay tuned, possible plans afoot with help from @BeesinSpace). Anyway to remind myself how it all works I made the below pencast about my most recent first author paper on the types of galaxies in the Baryon Oscillation Sky Survey. I previously blogged about this project.

Hope you like my attempts to draw both the SDSS survey telescope and the Hubble Space telescope. :)


  1. Sorry about the funky drawing in/not drawing in of the lines. I had software issues. I will try to fix it.

  2. Apparantly this is a major bug with the latest version Livescribe software on Macs which they've been trying to fix since last October. Their fix in the meantime is to move to windows - not my idea of a solution. Anyway not sure when I'll be able to fix it. Sorry.