Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Transit "Expedition"

Given how much time I've spent lately trying to interest others in the transit of Venus, I got pretty excited myself, so I couldn't resist a trip out to Langstone Harbour on the East coast of Portsea Island to try to get a view. I was tempted out of the house by some tantalising gaps in the cloud on the sunrise horizon.

This great tool which shows the direction and altitude of the Sun's path during a day can show you where I was. Sunrise of course to the North East this close to the Solstice (only due East on the Equinoxes).

Unfortunately it stayed cloudy most of the time. I got a glimpse of the part of the Sun on which Venus was transiting (through my safety glasses), but not long enough to spot the small disk of Venus. Below is a storify of my transit of Venus 2012 experience, including some pictures I took of the clouds! ;)

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