Friday, May 25, 2012

Take 2 on Science Magazine Placement

Following my innocent tweet last month about the placement of New Scientist in a local Tesco Express I made a Storify of all the retweets and responses: Science Magazines are a Men's Interest. 

The original picture. Tesco Express, Gunwharf Quays, Sunday 22nd May 2012

Tesco promised to look into it. As of 10 days ago I hadn't heard anything and I happened to be in another local Tesco and saw this:

Take 2: Tesco Express, Elm Grove, Portsmouth, Monday 14th May 2012

So I thought I'd go again (but this time left it too late to make up a Storify it seems, so just a series of pictures of tweets below).

However I am still disappointed that Tesco have kept the "Men's Interest" category at all - it seems unnecessary. Any comments on that choice?

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