Saturday, April 28, 2012

Science Magazines are a "Men's Interest"

Last weekend I was out shopping with my daughter, who loves looking at the children's magazines. So we paused for a while in the magazine section of our local Tesco Express, and I noticed this:

This annoyed me.... so I tweeted it, and to my surprise this is what happened (as a Storify story):

I never expected to get so much response from an off the cuff tweet.

 I'm still waiting to hear back further from Tesco. I was in the same shop on Tuesday afternoon and nothing had changed.

Wondering how widespread this is (in Tesco or other stores). Can we collect evidence of it happening elsewhere?

I'll continue to update.


  1. Still no response.

    As an update, I was in a local Co-op this morning. No named categories for magazines, but no science magazines at all that I could see either (didn't search a lot). So kudos to Tesco for at least having some.

    I will continue to update the storify with related tweets. :)

  2. Still no response from Tesco about this...

  3. Take 2 on this - New Scientist put in "Lifestyle and Leisure", but not consistently placed there by employees:

    (maybe due to lack of space?)