Monday, December 5, 2011

A Frenk Discussion about Cosmology

Last week Prof. Carlos Frenk visited us in Portsmouth to give a research seminar. As part of my new role as Outreach Officer for ICG I suggested we ask him to also give a public lecture. Which he did:

My favourite picture - Carlos Frenk sharing a snap of him showing Sir Patrick Moore around a dark matter detection experiment. 

The university coverage about the lecture is here: Carlos Frenk Draws a Big Crowd

And I made a Storify Story out of tweets which went out during the lecture.

As you can see the lecture was very popular, and I got a great warm fuzzy feeling for helping to educate almost 300 people about cosmology that night. :)

PS. Thanks is due to my office mate Chris D'Andrea for the blog title idea - it's a classic!

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