Friday, October 14, 2011

Twitter Link Roundup for Oct 10-14th 2011

I don't like how Twitter forgets what I've said eventually. So I plan to try a semi-frequent round-up of my favourite Twitter links/Tweets from the week.

Here goes

Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Puzzle Claimed Solved by Special Relativity  (via )

Mathematician and mother - October 2011 - GetSET Women Blog - The UKRC: 

@telescoper: The Astronomy Career Problem - it starts with the PhD

(and related to this check out the astrojc for this week - on the problems with Scientific Careers)

@NtlSTEMCentre: Talking to pupils about  careers? Have you seen our collection of  videos which may help?

@cosmicpinot (which is Brian Schmidt): Adam Riess - on NPR playing a game after the Nobel Prize Announcement - 

What a great idea:  (via and)

And alarmingly: @NatureNews: Physicist languishes in French prison 

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