Friday, September 23, 2011

Milky Way Twin and the Violin Clef

I wanted to point out two new (ish) posts over on the Galaxy Zoo blog:

1. A Summer Spent Finding Our Galactic Twin, which is an account of looking for the Galaxy Zoo galaxy which looks most like what we think the Milky Way looks like, by my recent Nuffield Summer Student, Mr. Tim Buckman.

Milky Way's Twin?

2. The Violin Clef Merger, which is an account (by Kevin Schawinski) of a very interesting merger recently found by Galaxy Zoo volunteer and active forum member (Bruce) in the new SDSS images which were released this past January (and which haven't yet been used in Galaxy Zoo).

Violin Clef Merger

 I expect you'll be hearing a lot more about both of these objects as we do some follow up observations.

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