Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remembering John Huchra at the Boston AAS

One of the things I participated in at the recent American Astronomical Society Meeting in Boston (held in May) was a session on Remembering John Huchra. The slides from the speakers at that session have recently been made public on the AAS Website: Remembering John Slides (available to non-members).

 This reminded me that I took some photos during the session which I wanted to share.

Greg Bothun starts things off talking about John's thesis work on little blue galaxies. 

Jeremy Mould talks about John's work on the Hubble Constant. 

Pauline Barmby (one of John's relatively few former PhD students) talks about the great diversity of science topics he was interested in. 

Pauline Barmby also talked about John's love of observing.

Debra Elmegreen (current AAS President) talks about John's work for the 2010 Decadal Survey where he Chaired the sub-committee on the state of the profession.

Debra talks about how John was quite concerned about the state of the profession especially the large numbers of soft money positions (basically short term contract workers). 

Debra also talked about meeting the Pope with John. 

Things got quite emotional at this point, as Debra talked about how John  so enjoyed their trip to Vatican City. 

Craig Wheeler talked about John's contributions to the AAS as the President in 2010. 

 At this point I gave my talk about John's work on the 2MASS Redshift Survey, and our plans to finish and publish the data - which I have previously blogged about.

After my talk I moved further back in the hall, here's my final shot was of Marc Postman talking about John's influence on his students (official and unofficial) and others he mentored. 

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