Friday, November 16, 2012

Wikipedia Success for Isis Pogson!

A couple of weeks ago I participated (remotely) in the Royal Society Wiki-a-thon to improve the visibility of women scientists on wikipedia.

One of the articles I started because of this event was about Isis Pogson, a British astronomer who worked for many years as an assistant to her astronomer father at the Madras Observatory in India. Of all the articles I created this is the one which has changed the most since - I guess one sign of success on Wikipedia.

And this article was nominated as a "Did you know" entry by Gonobobo a couple of weeks ago, and ended up on the Wikipedia main page yesterday with the text:

Did you know:
that British astronomer Isis Pogson was probably named after a river, and an asteroid was probably named after her?

And check out the hits as a result, of the 2277 people who've visited the article since I created it, 1765 (78%) went yesterday.

I think that has to count as a success for the Royal Society Wiki-a-thon. :) 


  1. Very useful work indeed (I spruced up the entry of her father) and I am still looking for more on her work in Madras. Wonder if someone can locate an image of Elizabeth Isis Pogson. There is an interesting discussion among some family members at

  2. I've been looking into some of my ancestors and my Dad and I believe that we are distantly related to her and, obviously, her father! It was very fun to be able to read her Wikipedia page and get a glimpse into her and her father's life and work. Thank you so much!

  3. That's awesome. Thanks for getting in touch.